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Training through , Kindness, knowledge & understanding.

Welcome to a dog training school & behavioural centre that uses positive methods to bring out the best in your dog. Build confidence with positivity & see your relationship grow.

Specialising in Dobermann’s and large working breeds my knowledge, experience and qualifications absolutely change the lives of owners with their dogs when they consult with and decide to work with me. The level and standard of training and support that I offer is not highly available and my experience is second to none when it comes to training and behavioural issues.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are your walks something you dread and don’t look forward to? They are stressful and physically challenging for you?
  • You are exhausted from fighting the pulling!
  • Your lead is in tatters and your arms & clothing are suffering from the jumping and mouthing and biting that sometimes happens when you are out.
  • You worry about the neighbourhood cats around every corner or in every bush!
  • You think that it’s never going to get better and that things will never change?
  • Your confidence is at an all-time low, you feel helpless & hopeless.


Lots of owners are going through the same as you are daily, and lots have been where you are now.

I help hundreds of owners learn how to understand their dogs so much more than they already do. There is so much more going on than most of us are aware of, or even know about and once we understand that and start to understand our dogs fully then the whole picture starts to change.

With the new knowledge & skills I help owners like you learn you can completely reframe your walks and start to enjoy your dog as you dreamed of when you first got him. I help owners learn how to start relaxing on walks, gain confidence and enjoy and look forward to time spent with their dog.

Come learn with Dobercademy. I can help you wherever you are in the UK or in the world and there are zero travel costs.

Dog training in Aberdeenshire

Why train with us?

Positive Dog Training

We use positive dog training methods to build a trusting relationship with your dog.

Build you Bond

Using play and positivity we start work with tested dog training methods, building focus and a strong relationship.

Enjoy your Dog

Learn to read & understand your dogs behaviour. Enjoy the training journey and your dog.


I found it was a happy place to be with your dog with really pleasant helpful trainers and a very safe environment. I would rate this training centre one of the best I have ever attended and I’ve been to many,

Alison orell
Dear Sharon Thank you so much for your help and support. Dexter & I have enjoined our 121s with you and can now enjoy our walks together. Not only have you helped me better understand Dexter but got my confidence up as a dog owner. Thanks again.
Dog training classes, workshops & behavioral consultations

Dog Services Available


Our 1-2-1 sessions are perfect, ensuring we can support you every step of the way.

Behavioral Advice

Sharon is qualified and experienced dog behaviour consultants.

Puppy Preparation

Our puppy preparation pack helps you get the best start in life with your new canine companion.

Video Group Classes & Consulations

We use Zoom for video dog training classes & behavioural consultations​.

WhatsApp Support Groups

Each or our dog training courses has a dedicated WhatsApp group for advice and support.

Workshops & Online Training

Specialist dog training and workshops are available both at our beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside location and online.

Puppy, General Dog Training, BEHAVIOURAL consultations & lots more!

Our dog training classes

Puppy Training

General Training Classes

Online Courses

Dog training in action

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dog training in GARMOND Aberdeenshire

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For general dog training & behavioural enquiries please complete one this form Dog Training Enquiries – Garmond