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Learn more about Dobercademy and Sharon

I know what you are going through with your reactive abso, that’s why I’m here to help you, I will help you get on track and enjoy your life as you should with your dog.

Hi, I’m Sharon and I’m a behaviourist and dog trainer Specialising in Dobermann and large working breeds.

Welcome to my all-inclusive Dog Training & Behavioural Community.  Dobercademy was established in 2008 because I wanted to help others live the life, they should be able to with their dog.  My specialist knowledge of being a qualified trainer and behaviourist for over 15 years not only includes a wealth of qualifications but it is backed up by my own hands-on experience of owning Dobermanns and large breeds meaning I completely understand them and know what help you need.

I have owned these dogs for over 40 years, and I’ve competed with them in agility, obedience and Working Trials over the last 30 years and have also shown them at Crufts, this all adds to the wealth of knowledge you get from me when I work with you and your dog.  I am passionate about training your dog to a high standard and not just dealing with problems. 

The level of experience and support I provide is not widely available, and I operate both fully on-line and practically in the field at our secure countryside premises In Aberdeenshire, meaning Dobercademy offers a unique dog training experience, not just for those who need it local but across the UK and worldwide with a first class system of training which includes a fully supported client experience with the online platforms I have built to assist in person learning at home.

I have specialist programmes which include ASBO behaviours, Reactivity, Separation Anxiety and General Training.  I also offer specialise puppy programmes and 1-2-1 puppy training to get you started on the right paw when your new puppy arrives.

I focus on offering modern ethical reward-based training, building relationships, and giving a dog a job to do for which he was originally designed.   I remain always very able and willing to help all dog owners who genuinely wish to learn and improve their knowledge and will commit time and effort to train, help and understand their dog.

Our Team

Sharon Chamberlin

I personally founded Dobercademy in 2008 having owned Dobermanns for over 40 years, it was my own dogs that were my inspiration and passion for helping pet owners understand and over come life living with Dobermanns and large breeds.

Animals have always been a big part of my life, having grown up with them and evented and competed with my horses and trained and competed in obedience and agility with my dogs and successfully shown at Crufts.

I qualified as a dog trainer instructor in 2008 with the Barking Mad Dog Training Schools & Behavioural Centre in association with ADPT.  I am a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers.  Expanding my knowledge and experience is very important to me to ensure that I can offer the best training to you, along with the very latest scientific teaching methods for dogs including having completed studies with Janet Finlay of Canine Confidence Academy who specialises in canine reactivity from both ends of the lead.

I look forward to meeting you and your dog and helping you achieve the life you want.

Sharon – Training & Behaviour Director. Based in Garmond, Aberdeenshire, AB53

The Dobermann

The Dobermann, besides being a dog with species specific needs, has also been genetically designed for a job. 

He is:

Bred to be suspicious (which makes him naturally, highly sensitive & anxious)

Bred to be alert (which makes him fast to arousal)

Bred to bring down man (which makes him prone to mouthing & biting in overarousal & play and also to chase everything that moves)

Bred to watch & guard just one man (which makes him a Velcro, attention seeking shadow, and often aloof with strangers)

Bred to track & hunt (which makes his nose amazing)

Bred for intelligence (which makes him fabulous to train but gives him a brain that needs to be properly employed)


Modern Human expectations:

A content pet dog who will largely spend long periods alone, resting, unemployed, mentally unchallenged, definitely not barking, not noticing what’s going on outside, not chasing anything, loves everyone and everything, plays gently & nicely with every dog in the park, hearing but not reacting, programmed to understand that we want all of the above and none of the hardwired, instinctive species & breed specific behaviours!

Doing breed research and having realistic expectations is compulsory!! Training is not optional!

Sharon Chamberlin of Dobercademy.


Sharon has been running her Dog Training School and Behavioural Centre for over 13 years.


Sharon trained with Barking Mad Dog Training School and was mentored by Richard Clarke who came to fame on TV's Dog Borstal.


Sharon has been running her Dog Training School & Behavioural Centre for over 13 years. She prides herself on her professionalism and ability to aid handlers an their dogs connect & bond.

Just finished the 8 week puppy class. Great group of pups and excellent training. Myself, my partner and our pup have learnt so much. Looking forward to the next class.
louise jackson
dog training in Maud Aberdeenshire

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