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Dog Training

All levels and training classes at Dobercademy concentrate on relationship building – introducing fun & rewarding games & exercises that owner & dog alike enjoy whilst learning. 

Dog training classes are held throughout the week. We run puppy classes all the way through the levels of the Dobercademy Dog Training School Progression Awards.

Classes run in blocks of 8 consecutive weeks. Our classes fill up quickly. If we dont have a space we will add you to the relevant waiting list. Please register your interest and we will be in touch asap. Weekly classes are an hour in duration.


Puppy Class

with Sharon
Dog trainer

Dobercademy Puppy Courses specialise in equipping owners with all the important basic knowledge all puppy owners need to bring up & start their puppy off in the best possible manner, from socialisation, confidence building, instilling positivity, helping with basic issues such as toilet training, jumping up, mouthing & biting and starting to teach the necessary obedience exercises all dogs need, including starting loose lead walking, coming back when called, waiting when asked and bringing back an article. 


Bronze Level - beginner

with Sharon
Dog trainer

This level aims to help the owner progress their puppy training through to adolescence, to walk and behave nicely on a lead, learn to perform basic behavioural exercises reliably, practise recall, perform a basic search, learn to retrieve an article,  and includes starting agility. This is a basic level,  achievable to most owners & their dogs.

Silver Level - intermediate

with Sharon
Dog trainer

Handler & dog will improve on all skills learned in Bronze level.  Dog will start to learn to work independently from owner as instructed off lead and will follow a natural progression of all the exercises they have learned so far.  New skills such as working with focus around distractions and some distance control will be introduced along with more advanced and skilled behaviours in impulse control and stays.

Gold Level - advanced

with Sharon
Dog trainer

This is the highest level of achievement and handler & dog will learn exercises such as stopping the dog on the rabbit, sendaways, shaping advanced behaviours and advanced obedience exercises.  The dog will be working off lead at agility and performing high level searches.

expert staff

Our Trainer team

director of dog training & behaviour

Sharon Chamberlin

Hi and welcome to my all inclusive Dog Training & Behavioural Community. I’m Sharon Chamberlin, owner & founder of Dobercademy which is all-in-one Dog Training and Behavioural service I established in 2008 which was named for my passion for The Dobermann. Now operating both fully on-line and practically in the field at our secure countryside premises In Aberdeenshire, Dobercademy offers a unique dog training experience. I am able to offer everything from classes and specialist workshops to 121s and behavioural consults. I qualified as an Advanced Dog Training Instructor with BMDTS in association with the APDT in 2008, I am a full Dog Training Member of the GoDT, a fully qualified and approved Scentwork UK instructor and have studied dog behaviour for many years.

I focus on offering modern ethical reward based training which includes, progressive learning from puppy classes through our award scheme to Dobercademy Gold Standard Good Dog. I offer a first class system of training which includes a fully supported client experience with the online platforms I have built to assist in person learning at home.

My passion is Dobermanns and I love working them, doing the things they were bred to do. Iv competed with them in agility, obedience and Working Trials over the last 30 years and have also shown them at Crufts.

I focus on building relationship and giving a dog a job to do which he was originally designed for. Dobermanns are my niche, although I remain always very able and willing to help all dog owners who genuinely wish to learn and improve their knowledge and will commit time and effort to train, help and understand their dog, no matter the breed

I constantly keep myself up to date and educated with new knowledge which I am then able to employ myself and pass on to my clients to assist them to enjoy learning with their dog. Customer enjoyment and success is very important to me. Building communities amongst my groups of clients figures highly for me and that particularly highlights and creates improved learning and support. Clients of mine often become social friends outside of Dobercademy, enjoying other activities together. I love that.

I serve active committed owners of working breed dogs with reactivity and behavioural issues but very much I’m also for those who wish to unlock their dog’s potential and give him a job to do in order to enrich his life.

I am for you if you are passionate about training your dog to a high standard and not just dealing with problems”

regular dog training classes

Weekly class schedule




Frequently asked Questions

Yes of course, get in touch with us and we will arrange the details after booking an appointment.

Please get in touch and we can chat about the training options we have available to you and your dog. Our free assessment means we will put you in the right dog training class.

We are situated  in the  beautiful Aberdeenshire  countryside. Our training field is securely fenced for the safety of your dog. There is plenty of car parking.