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Dog Training School Rules

School Rules


  1. Please contact us if you are unable to attend your lesson or private training session. We require at least 48 hours notice of non attendance.
  2. Lessons & private training sessions cannot be refunded and may not be carried over in the event of you missing a session, other than at the discretion of the Head Trainer, due to exceptional circumstances.
  3. Payments for all classes are non-refundable.
  4. Keep your dog on a lead at all times unless told otherwise by an Instructor.
  5. Do not let your dog foul the Agility or Obedience area.
  6. All dog mess must be cleaned up and taken to the ‘POO’ bin provided.
  7. Small children must stay in the vehicles or near to their parents and NOT leave the training area.
  8. Training is easily disrupted by other people entering the training areas. It is also DANGEROUS to enter the training areas while others are working.
  9. One member of the family to train with their dog at a time.
  10. Please do not use any of the equipment unsupervised.
  11. All training is done at your own risk. Although every effort is made to ensure no accidents take place, there is always an element of risk involved when dealing with dogs.
  12. Please ensure that you are fit enough to do certain amounts of double time and agility. If at any time you feel that the training is too heavy, drop out.
  13. By way of risk assessment, if the weather conditions are not favourable, we advise that you may stop at any time during a training session, and that if you continue it is at your own risk.
  14. When driving into or leaving the site please be aware this is a farm track where you will meet horses.  Beware of traffic and horses coming around the corner and please drive slowly.
  15. Dobercademy Dog Training School and its employees will not be held liable for any injury caused by any means, by it or any other member of the school.                 
  16. All training is done at the risk of the handler.

Please remember to bring the following each week:

  • Dog!
  • Lead (ideally about 4ft long  – no extendable leads please)
  • “High value” Treats (cheese/cooked sausages/cooked chicken etc)
  • Toy (wallet/pencil case, prey dummy that you can put treats in)
  • Prey Dummy (you can purchase prey dummy at Dobercademy
  • Long Line (you can purchase at Dobercademy)