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Behavioural Work &
Private Training Sessions

Did you know our 121 programmes are effective & available both online, so we can reach you wherever you are, and in person at our Aberdeenshire premises. 

Our 121 training programmes offer top end real life advice and support if you would like a more personal training experience with your dog, not just for if you are experiencing problems, although we are very good at those too! 

Whether you have a puppy (or are getting one) and want to get everything right from the very beginning, or your dog is displaying unwanted behaviours in or out of the home, or is an out of control teen, I have many different programmes for you to chose from. I taylor make our Training & Behavioural programmes to suit you and your dog individually so that your learning & problem solving experience with us is entirely centred around your dog’s  and your own needs.  

I also personally understand what it can be like to live with a dog that has attempted to or has bitten and this helps me to help owners that are really struggling to cope with a life with a reactive dog. 

I teach real life skills to achieve calm dogs and boost owner confidence with the support I provide. I work with you to improve your mechanics & handler abilities and together we work with your dog so that he will start to focus on you and listen to you as he walks nicely by your side. 

Below are just a selection of three examples of the training and support I can off you.  We have programmes and prices fir all to suit you.  Book your free 15 minute discovery call with me and start your fully supported training journey

Get Ready for Puppy Pack

with Sharon
Dog trainers

Includes 3 private sessions. The first session can be used pre puppy, for assessment & consulation in setting up your home and a safe space for pup. The remaining sessions can be used to assess any issues, discuss toilet training, nutrition & training basics to help build a strong & settled relationship with your canine. We can also cover getting enough rest, mouthing, biting, socialisation, jumping up, loose lead walking, recall etc. 

Also included in this pack are basic training aids: a prey dummy & long line.


New Rescue Dog Pack

with Sharon
Dog behavioural consultants


Includes 3 private sessions. The first session can be used pre arrival, for assessment & consulation in setting up your home and a safe space for your new rescue dog.

Whatever issues you have, we will tailor the consultations to your speicific requirements. There can be many different issues with a rescue dog (as well as the many rewards) but generally we concentrate on calmness – mat exercises, enrichment, management, and focus – playing with toys , food games. We use calmness & enrichment to build confidence & positivity, building independence and focus. We work on establishing go to confident behaviours, Followed by de-sensitisation if required