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Puppy Training

You have a new puppy and your want to start life together on the right foot. Dobercademy DTS provide 6 weeks puppy courses.  These help set you  off on the right path with positive guidance and care. We will help you build a healthy relationship and harmonious household by teaching life skills.  Your puppy will learn how to live in your home environment. We will help you teach your dog basic manners skills and provide mental enrichment at this early learning phase in their life. This is one of the vital stages in their life, they learn quickly and the earlier training starts the better.


Your dog will learn social interaction skills which help give them the confidence to deal with the pressures of everyday life. Doing this early, in a controlled environment will help give your dog confidence and so lessen the possibility of anxiety later in life.  They will be socialised with other people and other dogs. Socialisation also includes exposing them to strange objects such as umbrellas and luggage.  Different environments such as on road walking, the park etc. Build up understanding between you that promotes security and comfort for your puppy now and later in life. Time invested now will pay dividends in the future. Many of our client have been coming to us for years. They have moved up our progression awards onto Gold & Gold Star level.

Please see our upcoming events for puppy course dates or you can book a space on our next course here.

Puppy Class

with Sharon
Dog trainer

Dobercademy Puppy Courses specialise in equipping owners with all the important basic knowledge all puppy owners need to bring up & start their puppy off in the best possible manner, from socialisation, confidence building, instilling positivity, helping with basic issues such as toilet training, jumping up, mouthing & biting and starting to teach the necessary obedience exercises all dogs need, including starting loose lead walking, coming back when called, waiting when asked and bringing back an article. 

Get Ready for Puppy Pack

with Sharon
Dog trainers

Includes 4 private sessions. The first session can be used pre puppy, for assessment & consulation in setting up your home and a safe space for pup. The remaining sessions can be used to assess any issues, discuss toilet training, nutrition & training basics to help build a strong & settled relationship with your canine. We can also cover getting enough rest, mouthing, biting, socialisation, jumping up, loose lead walking, recall etc. 

Also included in this pack are basic training aids: a prey dummy & long line.

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